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Director: Jon Avnet
Writer: Russell Gewirtz

I did not even want to rate this “film” but I did want to give credit to all the poor people who had to suffer through this production (except DeNiro and Pacino) so that’s the reasoning behind the low rating. This film was worse than terrible. Three words that describe Righteous Kill: over-generic, forgettable, trash. Yes, that’s right, I call this film trash. I’m going to come out and say what some people are afraid to say should they upset these pampered stars and their fans – DeNiro and Pacino will do anything for money. Big deal they were both in this film together. They may have been icons in their heyday, but they have since continued to churn out Hollywood crap over the past decade or so, that their icon status is fading and should be taken away. Everything about this “film” tries too hard. It tries too hard to be a cool cop/action/suspense film, the plot tries too hard to be edgy, and DeNiro and Pacino try to hard to care about the film (could DeNiro have at least acted like he wanted to be in the movie?). Donnie Wahlberg and John Leguizamo had more onscreen chemistry and enthusiasm than the two “icons” and I found myself wanting them to have bigger roles than the leading actors. Now, that’s saying something. Or is it? Seriously, do not go out of your way to see this “film” (even if it’s on tv!). Just rent Goodfellas or Dog Day Afternoon and bask in the once greatness of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino.