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Friday 30 October

This week’s featured filmmaker is Valery Todorovskiy who directed Hipsters. This film is unlike any other I’ve seen from Russia, it’s so entertaining and unique and pure fun. Not only is the story great but Todorovskiy really knows how to make cinematography work for the world of the film with colors and set designs that are a feast for the eyes. I wonder what his next film will be like? Based on Hipsters, I have high hopes.

The Ghost (2008)

A writer unknowingly befriends an assassin who attempts to frame him for his murders. Very suspenseful and enjoyable! This film is amazing. And one of my favourite Russian actors (Konstantin Khabenskiy) is in it so you have to see it!

Hipsters (2008)

A Russian musical about the hipsters movement and how those who adopted western culture and clothing were persecuted for being anti-Soviet. Not too heavy on politics, this is a very fun and visually stunning film, and you don’t have to like musicals to love this film!

Friday 23 October

This week, the featured filmmaker is Karen Oganesyan whose film The Ghost was one of the best ones I saw at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. It was incredibly original and so interesting from the opening titles to the end credits. I can’t wait to see more from this director!

Nightwatch (2004)

Directed by Timur Bekmambetov, this is such an original and unique approach to filmmaking. Seriously, this director has one of the most inventive styles out there and when I first saw the film, it blew my mind. It is that good.

Daywatch (2006)

The sequel to Nightwatch is just as awesome, you will not be disappointed. These films by Bekmambetov are a must see if you’re interested in contemporary Russian cinema because they are unlike the films we get out of North America – they’re like a fresh breeze sweeping into the theatre.

Friday 16 October

This week’s featured filmmaker is Timur Bekmambetov, the man behind Nightwatch, Daywatch and of course, Wanted. If you didn’t like that last film, you have to admit that the style and editing are terribly unique and just fun to watch – whether or not you like the story. This director surely carving out his own style path and I really look forward to his future films. And I can say with certainty that he is quickly becoming an auteur (because I for one believe the autuer in cinema is not dead – they are just harder to find among all the packaged commercial films flooding the marker, but when you do find one it’s like finding gold).