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All of the Christmas movies I could recommend are up. Stay tuned to see what next month’s theme is. And I no longer want to see Nine. I just saw Chicago and was severely unimpressed. It’s not a musical in the true sense of a musical where the diegetic world the characters live in is filled with song and dance to express their emotions and actions. Instead Chicago’s music (and what it looks like is the same for Nine) relied solely on the delusions of grandeur from Roxie Hart – the music exists solely in her own thoughts/world. There were only two real musical numbers in the diegetic world of the film but the rest of them were all conjured up in the mind of Roxie. Which is lame. It was more like a film with musical number, after number rather than a musical story. I have no idea why that film won so many awards, but I can guess it’s because as always Rob Marshall used the old “razzle dazzle ‘em” technique to blind us with sparkles and lights from the true weakness that his film is. And it must have worked. And it seems to be working for Nine. But it will not work on me. I think I will take Roger Ebert’s advice (he’s the only critic I like) and just go watch 8 1/2 instead. You should too. Unless you actually liked Chicago, then go ahead and see Nine but don’t ever come back here. Perhaps Rob Marshall is not as great a director as everyone thinks he is.

Scrooged (1988)

Bill Murray is great in Richard Donner’s adaptation of the Dickens classic. Donner was one of the first to put a modern twist on this old classic and his film still remains to be the best. If you haven’t seen it, now’s a time to get going.

Christmas Vacation (1989)

All Clark Griswold wants is a perfect Christmas and his Christmas bonus. But no one and nothing is perfect as is expertly shown by this wonderfully funny holiday classic. If you love Christmas you really have to watch this one. Even if you don’t, watch it anyway.

Die Hard (1988)

It’s hard to believe this is Bruce Willis’ first big movie. It’s full of action, some comedy, and takes place during an office Christmas party. Well, there isn’t too  much about Christmas in it but I will tell you there is a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, and Christmas music at the end of the film. I watch this every Christmas and so should you.

Friday 25 December

This week’s featured filmmaker is Bob Clark. His wonderful film, A Christmas Story really captures what it’s like to be a child on Christmas, with the anticipation of that one spectacular present you really want. It’s such a funny, heartwarming and Christmas-y classic.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

For me, this is the best version of Dickens’ classic story. It has muppets for one, singing, and one helluva performance from Michael Caine. His Scrooge is more true to the book version of Scrooge because he is actually really mean and hateful whereas other film versions portray Scrooge as some crotchety old man. Well done Mr. Henson. You make my Christmas all the better every year.

Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special (1988)

If you don’t know who Pee Wee is, then  get out of here, you’re probably too young and this should not need an explanation. If you love Pee Wee and don’t have the Christmas Special I highly suggest you go out and snag one. It’s a great way to spend 40 minutes of Christmas.

A Christmas Story (1983)

Bob Clark gave us this classic and I shall say it must be watched every year. So go watch it now.

I kind of wanted to see Up in the Air but I keep seeing trailers for it and it seems like the studio is really pushing the film so now I am a bit annoyed and have lost some interest in it. I hate mass marketing of films. I see more trailers for that than I do for Nine. Plus, Jason Reitman really bothers me. I can’t explain why. He’s just one of those people.