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October 28th

October 28: Gosh. What’s new in the film world? Not a whole lot I see. There aren’t even any movies I’m looking forward to seeing in theatres, except M which I am seeing tomorrow at the new TIFF Bell Lightbox. I suppose Due Date might be one to see, though I hope it isn’t just a rehash of The Hangoverhumour, I loved that movie and I hope the director doesn’t sully its reputation. Since its slow for movies right now, anyone watch any good tv? Anyone watch Supernatural? I’m hoping Sam isn’t a demon or anything but is just regular Sam having been traumatized by being taken over by Lucifer and put in the Cage, of course that would make one a little hardened. As long as he’s still Sam and nothing more that’s fine, if the writers are like, he’s a demon or he’s possessed I’m going to yell at the tv in cursive!

Other good shows to watch in this drought of films: Boardwalk Empire, Bored to Death, The Walking Dead (premieres Sunday!), Fringe (seriously where has it been? Stupid baseball and they better get the real Olivia back to Universe A soon! Enough already!) and The Big Ban Theory. Oh, and of course South Park. :)

Happy tv viewing!


October 25th

I have not updated in a few star dates because I have been vacationing in the deep dark recesses of the cold night. Take from that what you will, but I will attempt to be more forthcoming with film reviews and updates.

If you are going to post a comment put your name. I don’t care if it’s fake but just put a name so I know not to delete your post – it might look like spam.

So there we go. Thanks for the current comments and it’s nice to know people are finding this site. Happy viewing.


Current Week

Currently searching for worthy films to post here. In the meantime, try to watch a film you probably would never watch. Leave your comfort zone.