Director: Duncan Jones
Writer: Duncan Jones and Nathan Parker

Moon is nothing as I expected or thought it would be, which is a very good thing. This is an incredibly original film about one astronaut, Sam Bell (expertly played by Sam Rockwell), who is on a three year lunar mission to mine a new resource on the moon that is used as energy efficient fuel back on Earth. One fateful day he discovers he is not alone – he finds someone else in the space station who looks exactly like in in every way imaginable. Is he a figment of his imagination for having been alone too long? Is he losing his mind? Has he died? I won’t tell you because you have to see the film for yourself, but believe me it is quite the splendid surprise.

Sam Rockwell, is of course, brilliant in this film. He is one of those few actors around who can play the same character in multiples and really pull it off. I cannot rave enough about his performance, you really must see Moon to really appreciate and bask in its cinematic presence. Kevin Spacey is the voice of Sam’s computer GERTY and a more suitable actor could not have been chosen. He has that kind of tone where you aren’t sure if you should trust him or not – and it works well with the film. One last note: the music score by Clint Mansell (composer for Pi, The Wrestler, The Fountain to name a few) is amazing! The music fits the film perfectly and ties the whole story together beautifully. Moon is a definite must see!


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